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The X-Men fought for years with the most dangerous villains, destroying everything in its path. They were the real heroes and defenders of the planet, but in the future world they did not have seats. Mutants is almost gone, and from the well-known team survived only grown old Logan, who was formerly known as Wolverine, and Professor Xavier. Now only under their power to resist the powerful evil corporation and its leader, Nathaniel Essex, who plans to destroy the entire planet. But the problem lies in the fact that Logan due to age gradually disappears its ability to regenerate and lost strength, and Professor Xavier and completely loses his memory due to Alzheimer's disease.

Logan 2017 Wallpapers

To help the heroes in their unequal struggle against evil is only a little girl named Laura Kinney, which is a clone of Wolverine and his ability is. Corporation opens this young and strong to hunt mutants, and Logan to do everything in his power to save the girl, to whom he had become attached. Between the aged hero, who once terrified the enemies and dangerous villains begins a fierce war, and at stake is the future of the world.