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"Taboo: Return to the home port"

Script "Island Canopies" Stephen Knight and Tom Hardy, as appearing in the "visor", presented to the public, "Taboo" project first series. The new series, as the history of the Shelby family comes under the auspices of BBC television, and the like for the viewer - an undeniable stamp of quality, from the impressive funding to astounding attention to detail, the missing competitors.

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Events series will unfold in London sample 1814 year. Trade with India has become the adjusted source of valuable goods, East India Company is gaining momentum. Looking for new routes of delivery of the goods, as well as ways to make trade with previously inaccessible countries.

The main hero of the series, James Keziah Delaney played by Tom Hardy, had been missing explorer. Ten years on there was no news, James lost the trail in Africa and with the same time, family and friends thought he was dead. All except his own father, Richard Delaney, for the funeral which James and returned to his hometown.

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Return younger Delaney puts a spoke in the wheel of the East India Company, which is calculated after death of the father of the family to receive the land, Nootka Island, which belonged to Richard. But in the will is not so, as we trade company bosses, because the deceased transferred all their rights to the land "has risen from the dead" son. And James is not a fool to agree to a deal. Now he wants to restore his father's shipping company, in order to individually explore the neighborhood of the island.

The madness of the main character, coupled with its primitive charm, you prick to the screen throughout the pilot. The main thing that the series is uniformly answered all the questions asked, not leaving a rough, roughness scene.