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The Evening Supervisor is an English-American tv mini series starring Debicki, Hugh Laurie Donald Harewood, Ben Hollander and Tom Hiddleston and directed by Susanne Bier. It's according to the 1993 book of exactly the same title by David le Carré and accommodated by Donald Farr for this day. The six-part serial started airing on BBC One on 21 Feb 2016. On AMC, it started on 19 in America. The show was marketed by iMG worldwide to more than 180 nations.

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The Night Manager got critical praise, with The Sunshine calling it "among the best collection of time". Adam Sisman, le Carré's biographer, authored in British daily newspapers The Daily Telegraph, "It Really Is over two decades since the book was released, and because moment two film organizations have attempted and did not accommodate it, reasoning that it was hopeless to shrink into two hrs. But this six-hr tv version is long sufficient to give the story its thanks." He added, "And although Hugh Laurie may appear a surprising choice to perform 'the worst guy in the planet', he controls the screen as a terribly convincing villain. But he could be on screen just for an instant: flash and you will skip him." Download Backgrounds Night Manager free and in HD!